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When it comes to post-production, we are your trusted partner. VIA serves some of the world's top brands and innovative agencies, offering a wide range of services, including video & audio editing, automated creative versioning, animation, motion, and color finishing.

With a skilled team of in-house editors, colorists, and project managers, along with our network of global animators, designers, and specialty studios, we provide a seamless end-to-end solution to meet the demand of your ongoing content needs.



Making the final touches

We are committed to being your trusted partner throughout the post-production process. Whether you need a single service or a long-term strategic partner, our team is here to elevate your content and deliver exceptional results.

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High-volume creative versioning

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Creative editorial

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Color grading & finishing

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Equipped edit suites

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Audio mixing/Sound design

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Motion graphics/Animation

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2D/3D animation

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Social Content

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Visual effects and CGI

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Repurpose existing content

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Video editing

Marketing Automation


Automate your creative production

At VIA Productions, we have developed technology to keep up with the television, radio and digital creative demand of retail brands, franchises and other multi-location brands. Creative automation is our specialty - so we say we’re pretty efficient at it. So much so we’ve dedicated an entire division to video technology to meet the needs of our clients.

So if you need a partner to crank up the content, and scale your business to the next level, lean into VIA.

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content Distribution

Don't sweat delivery

We understand that spot delivery requires meticulous attention to detail and extensive industry expertise. From understanding your unique needs as a client to meeting the complex technical requirements of television stations, networks, and other platforms, we handle everything seamlessly. Our team ensures a flawless execution so that you can confidently rely on us to make it happen.  

Trust VIA to manage the intricate, time-sensitive logistics of your next ad campaign.

Content Distribution
Flat Rate

flat rate plans

Ongoing content solution

With our specialized post-production flat rate plans, you gain access to a dedicated team of content creators, cost-effective pricing, and the flexibility to scale based on your creative needs. Forget the hassle of maintaining an in-house staff or hiring unreliable freelancers – our planned services give you seamless access to premium post-production specialists and resources.

Let VIA's powerhouse posthouse handle your creative needs, so you can focus on what you do best!

Who we serve

Post-Production Process

VIA's post-production process involves very intentional steps to transform raw footage into a polished and cohesive final visual product that tells your story. You are a valuable part of the process, and our team ensures routine check-ins to ensure that we meet your vision.




Our first step is to import the raw video footage into the our systems. This involves transferring the files from the camera or storage devices to our editing software.



Once the footage is imported, the editing process begins. We select the best shots, arranges them in a logical sequence, and trim or combine clips to create the desired narrative structure. We'll also add transitions, effects, and titles as needed.



Audio mixing & mastering

Sound design and editing play a crucial role in post-production. Our audio editor enhances the quality of recorded audio, removes background noise, and adds additional sound effects or music. They also balance the levels of dialogue, music, and other audio elements for optimal clarity and impact.


Color correction and grading

Color correction involves adjusting the colors and tones of the footage to achieve a consistent and visually pleasing look. This step helps to enhance the overall mood, correct any inconsistencies, and ensure a seamless visual flow. Color grading is the creative process of giving the video a specific visual style or mood by manipulating colors and contrast.

Color Correction


Visual effects (VFX)

If any visual effects are required, this is the stage where they are added. VFX can range from simple corrections or enhancements to complex CGI (computer-generated imagery) elements. This step involves compositing, motion tracking, rotoscoping, and other techniques to seamlessly integrate visual effects into the footage. Not every project calls for VFX.


Titles and graphics

Text overlays, titles, and graphics are added to provide additional information or enhance the visual presentation. This includes lower thirds, logos, subtitles, and any other textual or graphical elements relevant to the content.




Once all the edits, effects, and enhancements are complete, the video is rendered. Rendering is the process of encoding the edited footage into its final format, compressing the file if necessary. This prepares the video for distribution or further post-production steps.


Quality control and review

Before final delivery, the video undergoes a quality control check by multiple people on our team to ensure that all visuals, audio, and elements are functioning correctly. At this point you, you will review and make notes for any necessary revisions or adjustments to the final video.

Qualtiy Control
Export and Delivery


Export and delivery

Once the video passes the quality control check and hopefully exceeds your expectations, it is exported in the appropriate format(s). This could be for social, OTT, broadcast, DVD, or any other specified platform. The final video is then delivered to you or distributed and trafficked to the right stations or platform.


Post wrap review

Throughout the post-production process, effective communication and collaboration between you - the client and VIA's team is required. Part of our client belief system - you are creative authority. We deliver on that promise!

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Confidence in your decision.


"I was initially a bit reluctant to entrust my story to a production company. However, as it turned out, I couldn't have been more pleased with the outcome. I trust you too will find John Haun and VIA Productions to be honest, consistent, and successful in creating a quality film."


Nick Saban

Retired Head Football Coach / University of Alabama


"We chose VIA Productions as our exclusive video production company for the Rivers of Hope foundation, and our experience was very positive. VIA’s service and quality of work were refreshing and we were always confident VIA was working with our best interest in mind. We trust VIA!"


Phillip Rivers

Former NFL Quarterback / Rivers of Hope Foundation


"I had wonderful experiences working with VIA during my tenure running marketing for an Ashley retail licensee. Great service, great creative, always looking to solve problems and add value. Highly recommend!!"


Jon Gadbois

Founder/ Gadfly Marketing


"VIA was creative and resourceful. I loved working with them for their drive to be innovative."


Kari Byron

Co-Host / MythBusters

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